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Meeting the Needs

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One World Taekwondo supports the Harlem community through giving children and adults the opportunity to change their lives by experiencing the discipline and power that come from practicing a martial art.

Fund the Future

What if there was a place in the heart of Harlem where kids could get in shape, boost their self esteem, improve their grades, and have fun doing it?

There is.

What if an organization existed that brought together adults of different nationalities, races and religions in activities that promote mutual respect, physical fitness, perseverance and teamwork?

It does.

What if these two places were one?

They are.

Founded by a world class taekwondo champion, One World Taekwondo Foundation promotes strength and agility, both physical and mental, self confidence and respect for others through its martial arts school, Harlem Tae Kwon Do. The student body includes men, women and children representing a diversity of races, religions, national origins and income levels. The school's mission fosters the mind as well as the body:

Your contribution supports programs which advance the ideals that individual advancement enriches everyone, that a plurality of perspectives is cause for celebration and that mutual respect and cooperation are imperative if we are to move forward peacefully together in this one world.

Let's Build Together


Bronze Medal Level

This donation provides two test fees for one member or one test fee for two members.

Gold Medal Level

This donation supports a member for three (3) months.

Yellow Belt Level

This donation supports a member for 6 months.

Green Belt Level

This donation provides one full year scholarship.

Blue Belt Level

This donation provides two full year scholarships.

Red Belt Level

This donation provides three full year scholarships.

Black Belt Level

This donation provides fivefull year scholarship.

Your Choice

Your contribution helps us to continue changing our community through taekwondo!

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